July 5, 2017Recap of June Specials

Have a look back at some of our chefs specials for June 2017!

-Pork Ribs

-Chicken Pot Pie

-Grilled Lamb Cutlet

-Beef Nachos

-Beef Tortellini

-Greek Tuna & Pasta Salad

-Prawn Spaghetti

-Vegetable Stew

-Veal Parmy

-Duck Maryland

-Pork Knuckle

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The Royal Hotel

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Bottleshop Specials


Tooheys New Longneck 3pk $17.00 Red & White Wine from $13

*Cases available

Home of the $10 Steak!

It’s not from a mini cow either, so bring your appetite (and your friends). We’ve got other great Bistro offers too.

NO WAY Student Jugs for just $12!

That’s beer jugs. Yep, all day every day! So you can pretend you’re a millionaire, including Tooheys New, Five Seed Crip and Boags Draught.

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